Superintendent Student Advisory Board participates in cross-campus exchange

Students from all across PUSD recently participated in a cross-campus exchange, where each student spent a day visiting one or more schools in the district.
The exchange was conducted as part of PUSD’s Superintendent Student Advisory Committee (SSAC), a group composed of students from every high school in the district.
“We convene monthly to talk about the issues that students are facing,” sophomore and member of SSAC Harshawn Ratanpal said. “There’s a direct link between the highest point in the administration and the students.”
While students on the committee are able to provide meaningful insight into the issues facing their own schools, they had little knowledge of the construct of other schools. Although it is easy to forget as we get caught up in our daily routines, not every high school is the same, and some high schools may even have characteristics from which others could benefit. During one of the SSAC meetings, in an effort to better understand other schools in the district, the committee decided to conduct the exchange. Since then, the committee has conducted multiple exchanges.
“Before we were just comparing our schools and only our schools, but now [PUSD] said that we were able to go to different schools to compare our schools with their schools,” junior and SSAC member Imerda Mokili said.
During the exchange, students shadowed other student members of SSAC throughout the day, visiting various classes and electives and partaking in different activities. Ratanpal visited Del Norte High during their mental health week, and he discovered an area in which RB High could focus.
“I sat in on this mental health panel where there were eight people who had dealt with mental health issues in the past,” Ratanpal said. “It was raising awareness. I really think that’s something that RB could improve upon.”
Mokili discovered aspects of Mt. Carmel that varied from RB High.
“Everyone’s happy. People in the quad were throwing frisbees,” Mokili said. “Going to Mt. Carmel made me want to talk to more people, be more including.”
Although the exchange only lasted for a short period, the students were able to gather valuable information about other schools that could potentially lead to improvement within their schools.
“One’s experience in high school isn’t exactly like everyone else’s,” Ratanpal said. “I think having the attitude and mindset from RB admin, teachers and students that we can learn from these other schools is a mindset we need to have.”

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