New changes to Senior Assassins for class of 2017

The annual game of senior assassins has recently begun. This year, however, senior assassins coordinator Rai Pisuena is taking the game in a slightly different direction by adding new rules and altering old rules in the name of fun and equal play for all.

The two biggest changes to the game this year are the paid revives and the bounties. As of last year, the only revive a team could get was by eliminating both of its targets. This year, Pisuena has made it so that a team has an opportunity to buy back in after they have been eliminated.

The revive is a one-time deal and costs $10. Pisuena hoped that adding the revive rule would make the overall prize money (which starting at the beginning of the game amounted to somewhere around $1700) grow to between $2500 and $3000. The revive must be purchased before the end of an assassination period which usually lasts about 3-4 weeks.

The bounty, on the other hand, is a completely foreign concept to the game and adds a unique spin on breaking the rules. A bounty makes a player no longer solely susceptible to his assassin, but vulnerable to all assassin’s playing the game. All rules (such as floaties and safe zones) still apply to the bountied player, with the added benefit that he is worth three kills instead of one.

“I give a bounty if a player is being disrespectful, if they constantly break the rules, or if they jeopardize the game,” said Pisuena.

Another aspect of the game Pisuena is changing this year is the length of the game. The game last year was extended far beyond what many players had anticipated, and it got to the point where players were looking forward to the end. The game finally concluded with the money getting divided amoung a large number of teams which made some people upset. This year, Pisuena is trying a new system to counter the possibility of a repeat of last year by ending the game sooner, around February. His system is called a speed round.

“A speed round is where there will be twice as many purges a month; you’ll only need one person out in order to get a team out, and if you don’t get that team out, you’re out,” said Pisuena.

To establish what a speed round means, a purge must first be understood. A purge day is simply a day where floaties don’t count, and anyone can get any other player out. This said, a speed round will have twice as many purge days in any given assassination period, and will also only require one teammate to get out for a team to be eliminated instead of both. Finally, if a team’s targets are not eliminated by the end of the assassination period, the team is out. Speed rounds will start in early November, so until then, it will still require both targets to get out for a team to be eliminated, and there will continue to be no punishment for not assassinating a team’s targets in time.

For now, the game has been running smoothly with these new adaptations, and in time the game will see if these changes stick. With 346 seniors entering the game with a strong desire to leave as a wealthier senior, there are bound to be conflicts. Pisuena is confidant that his new rules will make the game run better, and seniors will enjoy the game more, too.

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