Girls Golf wins second consecutive Sectional CIFs

Girls Golf wins Sectional CIFs

Marisol Ortega
Sports Editor

In terms of the amount of outstanding programs here at RB High, this school is anything but lacking. From Royal Regiment to all the incredible sports teams, RB High is seemingly known for its distinguished programs. In recent years, RB High has seemingly become an athletic powerhouse, including in girls golf.
Last year, the girls golf team made RB High history by not only completing its second undefeated regular season, but also by being the first RB High girls golf team to take first in CIFs, and this year, they did it again.
Wrapping up its third consecutive regular season undefeated, with a record of 83-0, the girls had their sights set on taking first place in CIFs the second year in a row. With three out of the six players competing being seniors, this team was perhaps the strongest girls golf team yet.
Top-ranked player Calista Reyes recently committed to play golf at Stanford University, with one of the best golf teams in the NCAA. She is ranked among the top junior golfers in the country and has played in various amateur events hosted by the Ladies’ Professional Golf Association.
Senior Samantha Yi, one of the team’s current captains, has been playing golf for six years and has been on the team all four years of high school. Prior to playing golf, Yi was a talented swimmer, making her no stranger to intense competition like that which she faces on the golf course.
Senior Tatum Mahon, who also is currently a captain on the team, has been playing golf for about four years. She started playing on varsity her sophomore year after moving from Dallas, Texas. Once in college, Mahon plans to play golf for a Division 1 university.
“Picking up golf was one of the best decisions of my life,” Mahon said.
Junior Stephanie Heimler is currently ranked second on the team and is also a top-ranked golfer in the state of California. Heimler began playing golf at the age of six alongside many of the girls who are now her teammates.
Junior Bailey Gansert, who this year received the title of most valuable player, shot her best personal round at CIFs. Shooting an even par of 72 strokes, she shot the second lowest score on the team at CIFs.
The only underclassman found at CIFs on behalf of RB High was sophomore Serena Chi. Not only was it her second year being a part of the team, it was also her second year contributing to the team’s victories in CIFs. Prior to that, Chi had taken third in league.
“I am very proud of the team this year and the support we showed for each other,” Chi said. “I am very proud with my performance this season, but I know I have the potential to get better and plan to come back even stronger.”
With only one graduating senior last year, and none the year before, the team has remained largely the same, allowing them to cultivate a strong team bond and sharpen their skills, which has shown in their various successes.

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