Calista Reyes commits to Stanford University for golf

Calista Reyes Commits to Stanford University

Marisol Ortega
Sports Editor

With already two months into the school year, many seniors are beginning to think about and apply to colleges. When applying to college, one must consider many things such as financial aid, scholarships, and, of course, picking the right school. All this can lead to great anxiety and stress and can make applying seem like a gargantuan task. Many will face rejection; however, there are those few who will receive the acceptance letter of their dreams, and then all the stress will have paid off.
Such a student is senior Calista Reyes who not even two months into her senior year was accepted into Stanford University.
“I’ve wanted to go there since I was in the fifth grade; it has always been my dream school,” Reyes said.
Reyes is no ordinary student either. With a 4.15 GPA, she is not only dominating in the classroom, but on the golf course as well. Reyes is currently a top-ranked golfer in the state of California for her graduating class, and number three in the state overall. She also ranks number eight nationally. This incredible feat can be attributed to spending countless hours of practice and extreme dedication to the sport over the past 10 years.
“She’s got the eye of the tiger,” RB High’s girls golf coach Tim Steigerwald said. “She has that on the golf course and in the classroom, where it’s just 100 percent focus; nothing is going to stop her.”
With a 4.8% acceptance rate, Stanford University is among the most difficult schools in the country to get into. Also having one of the top golf teams in the country makes it that much harder. Stanford has produced many famous golfers, the most famous being none other than Tiger Woods himself. To be among such a noteworthy list of alumni is a huge accomplishment, one that Reyes believes to be her best accomplishment.
Reyes’ coaches, teammates, and teachers are all incredibly proud of what she has managed to accomplish.
“I’ve had several girls get scholarships to division-one schools, but this one is by far the best,” Steigerwald said.
Barely at the beginning of her senior year, Reyes is already setting high goals for college.
“My goal is to be able to make the travel team and participate in the NCAA championship,” Reyes said.
Reyes hopes to study either economics or science and technology in society, which are two of the university’s most popular majors. Reyes also plans to continue playing golf during her college years.
“I definitely plan to play for the team throughout college, and afterwards I will possibly try to play for the LPGA,” Reyes said. This dream of playing for the Ladies’ Professional Golf Association is right within reach for Reyes.
As for role models, Reyes has a few who she has looked up to throughout her life.
“Both of my parents worked hard to come to this country to get me a good education, and everything I do is because of them and because of what they taught me,” Reyes said, “and Michelle Obama. I love Michelle Obama.”
For students who are hoping to become a Stanford Cardinal one day, Reyes has two pieces of advice.
“Focus on your studies, and find your passion,” Reyes said. “If you find your passion in life, you’ll be sure to get in.”

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